Hell-O! I'm Fella Oktaria Dani, October 9th.
A student of faculty of medicine. A candidate of pain killer from Indonesia. A clown in the middle of the fuckin' crowd. And beware, I'm a dirty little secrets who changes your mind permanently.

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Happy (belated) New Year 2011!

Hello, i’m back from my busy life hahah oh yea, i wanna say “HAPPY BELATED NEW YEAR 2011!” Wish on this year became the best year in our life ;)

Hows your new year eve? You see the dancing fireworks?

I got it at KM 0 with my buddies, they’re Adi, Icha, Nifa, Viko and Yogi. We’re so wasting time at McD, then go to KM 0 at 00.00 to seeing the dancing firework. Such an amazing firework it is! We’re too happy to see it :D

2 a.m. Then we playing uno and coffee-ing at Semesta cafe. I love “kopi special semesta” there. They used black coffee, chocolate and cinnamon. Hmmm delicious! Great! Hihi

4 a.m. We gotta go to Parangtritis beach to seeing the sunrise. But oh so bad, the sky won’t become bestfriend with us, the sky was so cloudy and we just enjoyed the wind there. So fresh.

8 a.m. We coming home with our crumble bodies. But it was soooooo fun! Thank’s so much for my best buddies Adi, Icha, Nifa, Viko, and Yogi ^^

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Reblog if you’re excited for a new chapter of Paramore.

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Miracle Outro in Orlando, Zac and Josh’s last show.

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» PropertyOfZack: Josh And Zac Farro Leave Paramore


The rumors are true, and then some. Paramore has officially anounced that Josh and Zac Farro have left Paramore. In the announcement, the band disclosed that Josh and Zac didn’t seem to want to be in the band for the last year or so and notified the rest of the members just a few months ago….

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